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    Granular products with good flowability

    Granular products poor flow

    Powdered products

    Liquid and pasty media

    Smaller individual products

    Greater individual product


According to the method and format packaging

The pilow bags

Flat bottom bag

Block bottom bag with 4 vertical seals


STICK bags three-sided welded

Tetraedar  - piramidals bags

Sachet 4 side seal


The envelope bag-glued or welded with four sides

Division of packaging by sectors
Inox steel ; CE Certifikati
Inox steel ; CE Certifikati
High Performance
High Performance
High reliability
High reliability
Reduced consumption
Reduced consumption
Reduced noise
Reduced noise
Primary Packaging
Primary packaging is the packaging in direct contact with the product itself and is sometimes referred to as consumer or retail packaging. The main purpose of primary packaging is to protect and/or preserve, contain and inform the consumer.

There are various examples of primary packaging and there can sometimes be several components for one product. For example for beer, the bottle containing the liquid and the label are both classed as primary packaging. Corrugated primary packaging is often used for gift and luxury products such as in the tech and cosmetic industry.

Secondary Packaging
Secondary packaging’s main purpose is for branding display and logistical purposes. As well as protecting and collating individual units during storage and are often used by the beverage, food and cosmetic sectors for displaying primary packs on shelves and are sometimes also referred to as grouped or display packaging. Secondary packaging also includes packaging purposely made to display multiple product units for sale which speeds restocking from storeroom to shelf, this packaging includes retail-ready packaging (RRP), shelf-ready packaging (SRP) or counter-top display units (CDUs).

Secondary packaging is predominantly corrugated cardboard packaging print finished to a high standard, such as being litho printed with well thought out branding and design, due to the integral part it has to play in the marketing funnel.

Tertiary Packaging
Tertiary packaging facilitates the protection, handling and transportation of a series of sales units or secondary packaging in order to group everything into unit loads during transit. This type of packaging is rarely seen by the consumer.

Some experts add the basic elements of logistics to tertiary packaging, so that they also connect transport methodologies. These are most often pallets, but there are other elements of integrating multiple tertiary sector products into integrated units.

Automatic packaging line

Based on different primary machine with all elements of the secondary and tertiary packaging sectors, depending on the degree of automation desired
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Multitube machines:

automatic packaging machines for "stick-pack" and tetrahedron bags welded on 3 sides
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UPA Rapid machines:

automatic packaging machines, which may form a flattened bags, detached bags with square bottom, detached bag with square bottom and 4-fold welded flange
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UPA- Universal packing machines:

automatic packaging machines / sachet for forming bags welded on all 4 side.
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Semi-automatic filling and sealing, encapsulation in various types of packaging materials

To this group belong machines and rotary feeders so. "Semiautomatic carousel", using ready-formed shaped packaging material. You are talking about the various charging machines / closures, as in ready-made bags, as well as in pots or containers, depending on the type of packaged media.
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Coding systems, data source, graviring

The benefits brought to us by the system for marking, printing data or engraving data are not easily visible at the micro level.
Considering that every producer of food or non-food products, and in particular health care products, has to label some indispensable information even on the basis of legal obligations.
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